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Animals riding



  We leave whenever you want, depends on the weather.

   We will take you by motorbike about 10 minutes to the north of Dalat, then Horse and Tamer have already in the Valley of  love where is really famous for Vietnam tourist.

  You will ride about 5 minutes out of the onroad to the pine forest, enjoy the peaceful trail by the Victory lake, and spend through vegetable farms.

  Keep riding up to the hill and stop to feed the horse some food, and an amazing view will be appeared as well as the highest mountain that’s called Langbiang Mountain.  Relax here in few minutes then ride back.


Included: Horse fee, helmet, motorbike.

Start:      It is up to you.

Price:     55$/ 3 hours riding/ 1 person



Car takes you to the Paradise lake (or Prenn waterfall) about 15 minutes.

First you will visit the biggest freshwater lake in Dalat or a famous waterfall, also we are going to start to ride in here, strange, little scary, and shaking on the back of Elephant.

The tour will take how long would you like to book, we offer 30 minutes riding.


Included: Elephant fee, car or motorbike.

Start:      it is up to you.

Price:   38$ / 30 minutes / 1 person.


Leaving at 8:30 to the south of Dalat and start to visit the prenn waterfall for few minutes then we are going to ride the “huge chicken”. Don’t forget to try the  Elephant coffee and weasel coffee (extra charge)  also see round at the little zoo.

Included: Ostrich fee, car or motorbike.

Start:      it is up to you.

Price:   25$ / 2 rounds/ 1 person.


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