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Dalat Mr.Peace's Tour



  We will leave at 8:00am, pick up at your hotel or at Mr.Peace's House for riding to the stunning countryside and enjoy the local activities which you have never seen in your life before.

    The flower local farm where you will see colourful flowers, also try to help the local to do the farm job.

Keep driving to the coffee plantation, but on the way we will stop at the view point to enjoy a nice scenery.

    Coffee plantation, placed in 22km far from the city where you are able to enjoy the real Vietnamese coffee and especially the weasel coffee where you will see how to produce that coffee, it is really interesting and relax in a tranquil atmosphere.

     Relaxing, then driving to see rice wine making, cricket farm, silk factory, Happy buddha, and one of the biggest waterfall, it is called Elephant waterfall (A.K.A Lieng Ro Woa waterfall).

  Lunch at the waterfall, afternoon time is also really beautiful to see ethnic minorties village, drive motorbike on the bumpy road to see pepper farm, incense making, rice field, local church, and other daily activities thats the speccial stuffs my guide will stop to show you.

   The biggest waterfall is so pretty to welcome to you (Pongour waterfall). You can have massage at the falls or walking around to enjoy it.

   It takes about 30-45 minutes to drive to the mountain maket where you are able to eat, talk and see the local business, also we will see mushroom farm on the way to city. Chicken village is a minority community place, it is really fun to chat with them and learn thier lagguage.

   If you do the tour by the sunny season you will see very beautiful sunset at the Paradise lake, or feeling the cold in the mountain city. if we still have time keep driving to strawberry farm or train station.

   Back to the hostel at 6-6:30pm to relax and have Family dinner with Hostel's team.

      Thank you very much for your joining.

Welcome to Mr.Peace's secret tour to have fun and enjoy the authentic of vietnam's culture.

What's included: 30$: English speaking tour guide. scooter rental ( driven by yourself), tickets for tourist destinations .

                            40$: English speaking guide, bike, gas, tickets for tourist destinations. ( On the back of guide)

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